ISRAEL: the land of the Bible and the startup

Invest directly into Israeli-owned public companies to build a strong financial future for you and for Israel.


Introducing The Jerusalem Portfolio

Introducing The Jerusalem Portfolio, a new investment vehicle that allows you to securely invest in Israeli-owned public companies.

Smart investors put their money in Israel

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  • Israel has the highest number of STEM degrees per capita

  • Israel has the 2nd highest number of startups in the world

  • Israel invests 4.2% of GDP on R&D

Experts agree, all of these metrics make Israel the new Silicon Valley.

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The Jerusalem Portfolio is the smartest way to invest in Israel

The perfect balance: managing risk without sacrificing returns. The Jerusalem Portfolio is situated to yield higher returns than bonds, with lower risk than venture capital and angel investing.

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Your powerhouse investment team

An investment plan is only as good as the research and people behind it.

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Selwyn Gerber, CPA

Selwyn 40-year veteran of guiding the financial lives of high net worth clients. He is also an economist and philanthropist.

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Jonathan Gerber, CPA, MBT, PFS

Jonathan is an accredited Personal Financial Specialist (PFS), a highly regarded designation by the American Institute of CPAs.

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Stephen Seo, CFA, CPA

Stephen provides investment management solutions and asset allocation advice to high net worth families and institutions.

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Frequently asked questions

    • ➕What types of accounts does TJP support?

      TJP currently supports taxable investment accounts including individual, joint and trust accounts. We also support:
      - Traditional IRAs
      - Roth IRAs
      - Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRAs
      - Simple IRAs
      - IRA Transfers
      - 401(k) Rollovers
      - Beneficiary IRAs

    • ➕Do you support Custodial & Guardianship accounts?

      Yes, we currently support Custodial & Guardianship accounts, including:
      - Custodian for a Minor
      - Conservatorship
      - Guardianship
      - Traditional IRA for a Minor
      - ROTH IRA for a Minor

    • ➕Who may open an account with TJP?

      Any individual 18 or over, who is a legal U.S. resident or a U.S. citizen (with a permanent U.S. street address) may open an TJP account.

    • ➕How much does TJP charge for its services?

      TJP charges an annual fee based on the size of the account, ranging from 1.05% to 2.00%. To see a table of the fee for each account size, go to Pricing and Accounts. The annual fee covers investment advice, custodian fees, rebalancing, and account administration.

    • ➕Are there custodial fees associated with a TJP account?

      No, there are no custodial fees associated with a TJP account.

    • ➕What kind of trading commissions will I incur with a TJP account?

      Through our partnership with TD Ameritrade, TJP account holders can trade at the low cost of $4.95/trade.

    • ➕Can I transfer my outside portfolio into TJP?

      Yes. We are able to transfer an outside brokerage account in its entirety to TJP using the industry-standard Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS). This will bring your assets over in their entirety.
      We then have the ability to sell your transferred assets and invest you in the appropriate TJP portfolio.
      If your account is taxable, any gains on these sales will be taxable.

    • ➕Is it better to sell any securities before I transfer my account to TJP?

      Yes, we highly recommend that you sell existing securities before you transfer your account to TJP.
      If your account is taxable, any gains on these sales will be taxable.

    • ➕Can I transfer a portion of an existing brokerage account to TJP??

      Yes, TJP offers a fully electronic process to transfer all or part of your account. TJP will recommend a transfer plan for each of the securities in your account and generate a list of assets to be transferred. You are welcome to edit this list by removing or adding securities (except for holdings such as penny stocks, bonds, options, and certain other instruments, which cannot be transferred to TJP).

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